Wood is used to refer to all raw materials needed to craft structures. These items are found in all villages by Explorers, and are used by Construction Workers to make Houses, Animal Stables, and Herbalist Pots. Wood items are currently interchangeable across Villages, meaning that an Oceandome Construction Worker can use the Quetzal Palace wood item and vice versa.

Types of Wood

Icon Name Village
278-haunted-pine-slab Haunted Pine Slab File:IconsMoon.pngDragonsmaw Manor
275-coral-slab Coral Slab File:IconsShip.png Oceandome
277-stone-slab Stone Slab File:IconsShield.pngOlde Foxbury
279-frozen-wood-slab Frozen Wood Slab File:IconsTree.pngTigereye Peak
276-marble-slab Marble Slab File:IconsUniversity.png Quetzal Palace


  • Despite using the term Wood, only two of the five slabs are actually made of wood.

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