Utility is a type of Equipment used by Warriors for various purposes during battle. They are items with decent stats, many of which can activate items outside of battle (Eg. healing potions) or allow for a special attack (Eg. trinkets) or ability. They are generally headgear, belts or trinkets. Trinkets often are found as warrior drops from normal battlegrounds or rotating event grounds, though same are made by Crafters or Blacksmiths.

List of all utility

Image Name
3275-abels-folly Abel's Folly 10
4687-aerons-protective-goggles Aeron's Protective Goggles 10
3330-amethystine-hood Amethystine Hood 19
2755-anas-sorrow Ana's Sorrow 25
4150-barn-owl-battle-buddy Barn Owl Battle Buddy 7
229-black-slime-helmet Black Slime Helmet 10
189-bone-helmet Bone Helmet 10
3657-captains-cap Captain's Cap 5
2320-cecilys-hood Cecily's Hood 8
149-cloud-helmet Cloud Helmet 10
2205-crossbow Crossbow 9
4666-crown-of-battle Crown of Battle 10
3354-cupids-harp Cupid's Harp 10
2008-dark-trinket Dark Trinket 10
2010-dynamite-toolbelt Dynamite Toolbelt 5
3514-elaborate-plate-helm Elaborate Plate Helm 15
4588-elefight-helm Elefight Helm 10
1998-enchanted-hood Enchanted Hood 10
1993-enchanted-sash Enchanted Sash 10
3029-enhanced-dynamite-toolbelt Enhanced Dynamite Toolbelt 10
3030-enhanced-healing-toolbelt Enhanced Healing Toolbelt 10
3031-enhanced-panacea-toolbelt Enhanced Panacea Toolbelt 5
3773-espers-corrupted-skullhelm Esper's Corrupted Skullhelm 10
1673-feathered-helm Feathered Helm 10
1675-feathered-necklace Feathered Necklace 10
2005-fire-trinket Fire Trinket 10
5013-fluffy-cloud-sash Fluffy Cloud Sash 5
2761-frenzys-shroud Frenzy's Shroud 15
2006-frost-trinket Frost Trinket 10
270-frozen-helmet Frozen Helmet 10
2000-grand-hood Grand Hood 10
1995-grand-sash Grand Sash 10
3356-harbinger-cloak Harbinger Cloak 12
5017-hatopus Hatopus 10
3164-haunted-helm Haunted Helm 10
2011-healing-toolbelt Healing Toolbelt 5
2002-heavy-belt Heavy Belt 5
3656-horned-helm Horned Helm 5
1999-intricate-hood Intricate Hood 10
1994-intricate-sash Intricate Sash 10
4048-kitsune-spirit-headdress Kitsune Spirit Headdress 0
2314-kylas-trinket Kyla's Trinket 15
3360-larry-the-living-lawnmower Larry the Living Lawnmower 10
3026-leons-peculiar-helmet Leon's Peculiar Helmet 15
2755-anas-sorrow Light Trinket 10
2007-lightning-trinket Lightning Trinket 10
3303-lion-mask Lion Mask 10
2332-lucis-trinket Luci's Trinket 0
4392-lunar-diadem Lunar Diadem 5
3054-midnight-magic-necklace Midnight Magic Necklace 10
3732-mystery-meat Mystery Meat 10
3169-necromancers-hood Necromancer's Hood 10
2004-over-sized-belt Over-sized Belt 10
2012-panacea-toolbelt Panacea Toolbelt 5
5058-poisonous-seaweed Poisonous Seaweed 10
2540-portable-pocket-cannon Portable Pocket Cannon 10
2003-reinforced-belt Reinforced Belt 10
2921-rocky-king-of-rocks Rocky, King of Rocks 7
3271-sheet-collar-of-amasis Sheet Collar of Amasis 4
2001-simple-belt Simple Belt 0
1997-simple-hood Simple Hood 5
1992-simple-sash Simple Sash 5
4393-solar-flare-collar Solar Flare Collar 5
4521-souper-helm Souper Helm 5
3387-sparkly-spectrum-potion Sparkly Spectrum Potion 22
2210-star-knife Star Knife 10
3513-steel-plate-helm Steel Plate Helm 10
2347-superior-light-trinket Superior Light Trinket 10
3953-the-wand-of-distraction The Wand of Distraction 7
2330-tigers-terrifying-hood Tiger's Terrifying Hood 6
4361-tools-of-the-trade Tools of the Trade 10
4908-totally-radical-glasses Totally Radical Glasses 2
3052-twilight-helm Twilight Helm 10
109-underwater-helmet Underwater Helmet 10
4667-wizard-hat Wizard Hat 10
1996-worn-hood Worn Hood 0
1991-worn-sash Worn Sash 0
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