The Wolf Pack is a battleground event that includes many Wolf themed enemies, each with their own set of abilities, stats and weaknesses. The stronger wolves have a rare chance to drop a unique piece of equipment. Dark Orchid Mystic Kitsune and Star Guardian Mystic Kitsune have a small chance to drop from all wolves.

Level 1+    3 Charges
These wolves wander in search of honourable combat. While not as well trained as other warriors, they're still eager to learn and dangerous foes to those who challenge them unprepared.
Enemy Description & Loot
"Mochi is an energetic young wolf who strives to one day qualify among the alphas. The only way she'll get better is with practice!"
Dirty Trick Amulet
"Loreley prefers to wander alone, singing her wonderful songs."
Soothe Amulet
"Disregard the name; he's actually pretty happy."
Execution Amulet
Arnoth, King of the Wolves270-35 "Or, so he'd like to think."
Disarm Amulet

Level 10+    3 Charges

These wolves are powerful opponents, but still have much to learn before they reach the top. Still, they've some tricks up their sleeves so watch out!

Enemy Description & Loot
Aureia, Forsaken Princess
Halloween wolf
"It's just a title she gave to herself, though it seems to have stuck; it has no inherent meaning. Regardless, she's a powerful fighter, though she tends to be somewhat unpredictable."
Spooky Costume
Alva, Winter Warden
Fluffy Wolf
"Alva protects the frozen wastes, far from the boarders of Tigerseye Peak. She relays messages to the pack, warning of coming threats."
Alva's Terrifying Frost Amulet
Terl, Scourge of the Seas
"A well-traveled pirate, or so he would claim, Terl is a viscous fighter - don't expect him to play fair."
Terl's Tusk Sword
Saul, Ancient Wanderer
Steampunk wolf
"Saul has ventured throughout the land well beyond one would expect for his age - yet he always retains his longevity."
Saul's Cursed Hammer
Caeo, The Enigma
Galaxy wolf
"Caeo has enjoyed slaughtering helpless warriors, but has decided to take it easy for the rest of the week."
Caeo's Earthen Barrier Amulet

Level 15+    3 Charges
Can you hear that? Howling.. in the distance.
Enemy Description & Loot
Alrowi, Alpha Wolf
"Alrowi refuses to use weapons; his claws are more than enough to shred any opponent to pieces."
Kyla's Trinket
Beast Costume
Alure, Alpha Wolf
Sorcerer Wolf
"Alure, known as some as the ultimate glass cannon, should be dealt with swiftly - otherwise, you might find yourself fighting against forest fires."
Alure's Flames
Damien, Alpha Wolf
"Damien is a particularly learned and well-traveled wolf; he knows much, and prefers to fight with earth magic. Earth magic, unlike the other more common schools of magic, relies on one's strength rather than intelligence - and, fortunately, like their intelligence based counterparts, earth magic is impossible to dodge."
Earth Bolt Amulet
Earth Barrage Amulet
Earthen Shield Amulet
Quake Amulet
Naturalise Amulet
Peaches, Alpha Wolf
Reaper wolf
"Peaches, contrary to her gleeful name, is actually quite terrifying."
Peaches' Poison
Sophie, Alpha Wolf
Angel wolf
"Sophie strives to maintain order and justice, though often neglects to think about mercy."
Sophie's Hammer of Justice
Skul, The Myth
Knight wolf
"Skul's skills are beyond legendary; he merely wants to find an opponent that can withstand his deadly blows. Survive as long as you can."
Drained Amulet
Vali, True King of the Wolves
Royal wolf
"Not much is known about Vali, but he and Arnoth do not get along."
Vali's Golden Hammer