The Lion's Pride is a Battleground event that includes many Lion themed enemies. Unlike previous Warrior events, this one isn't split up into tiers and instead has several difficulties of opponents all in one.

  • All Warriors can participate in this battleground.
  • It consumes 2 Battle Charges.


Oki, Cutest of them All
Don't do it. Don't. You hit that flee button.

Awiqu the Swift
Awiqu managed to place himself the pride members largely because they can't catch up to him to kick him out. He primarily scouts for the pride.

Mikai, Noblest of Knights
All things in moderation is their motto.

Faeli The Cursed
The rage cannot be controlled; she seeks the life essence of other creatures, and feels no remorse when taking it.

Tremor The Earthshatter
Tremor was not satisfied with raw strength, and instead decided to channel his might into the recently discovered earth magic; he is one of the few known creators of a spell in this category.

Lor, Isolated Frost
Lor has mastered frost magic, and developed new techniques unique him. While he prefers to work alone, he has agreed to membership within the pride as a means of communication with the world at large.

Aaliwi The Menace
Feathered Serpent Big cat
Aaliwi was dedicated to being the most obnoxious fighter in the world. She's pretty close to her goal.

Feral Lion Huntress
This beautiful yet ferocious feline is the feral form of a warrior wielding a Lion Form Ring. She looks hungry, and her mate is home taking a nap.

Feral Lion Hunter
This beautiful yet ferocious feline is the feral form of a warrior wielding a Lion Form Ring. Warning, I don’t think he’s had dinner yet!

Loot Table



  • Arnoth is originally from the Lone Wolves battleground as a rare, yet weak, encounter. This is his second appearance, this time as a much more powerful enemy.
    • Arnoth, Master of the Pride retired from this battleground less than a day after its release.
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