Talenti's Tome of Treacherous Torment is a Shield that has a rare chance to drop from an exploration event in Tigereye Peak.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 15
  • Slot: Shield
  • Passive Ability: Gain the Dark Ritual buff, which heals your Warrior for 100 health and deals 150 dark damage to your opponent every turn.
    Gain the Vampire buff, which has a 40% chance to heal your Warrior for 300 health (doesn't scale) every turn but also makes you vulnerable to wooden weaponry.
    These buffs cannot be removed.
  • Stats
    • Agility -4
    • Strength -4
    • Intelligence +5
    • Fire Resistance +200
    • Frost Resistance +200
    • Lightning Resistance +200
    • Dark Resistance +200
  • Sockets: 0
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