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Tailor is a career that you can assign to your villager. Tailors can create costumes for villagers to wear. In addition, they can also create items for Warriors to use.

"This is an artisan career and cannot begin work without materials from Explorers, Herbalists, and Crafters."

The following costumes give +5% crafting speed bonus when applied to a villager of the Tailor career:

List of All Recipes

Image Item Name Creates Location
80-aquatic-pattern-book Aquatic Pattern Book Aquatic Costume Oceandome
92-diver-pattern-book Diver Pattern Book Diver Costume Oceandome
86-pirate-pattern-book Pirate Pattern Book Pirate Costume Oceandome
117-angelic-pattern-book Angelic Pattern Book Angelic Costume Quetzal Palace
124-fairy-pattern-book Fairy Pattern Book Fairy Costume Quetzal Palace
130-galaxy-pattern-book Galaxy Pattern Book Galaxy Costume Quetzal Palace
170-royal-pattern-book Royal Pattern Book Royal Costume Olde Foxbury
164-steampunk-pattern-book Steampunk Pattern Book Steampunk Costume Olde Foxbury
156-warrior-pattern-book Warrior Pattern Book Warrior Costume Olde Foxbury
204-beast-pattern-book Beast Pattern Book Beast Costume Dragonsmaw Manor
196-reaper-pattern-book Reaper Pattern Book Reaper Costume Dragonsmaw manor
211-spooky-pattern-book Spooky Pattern Book Spooky Costume Dragonsmaw Manor
236-fluffy-pattern-book Fluffy Pattern Book Fluffy Costume Tigereye Peak
250-mythic-pattern-book Mythic Pattern Book Mythic Costume Tigereye Peak
245-sorcerer-pattern-book Sorcerer Pattern Book Sorcerer Costume Tigereye Peak
2081-basic-robes-schema Basic Robes Schema Basic Robes Battlegrounds
2075-comfortable-clothing-schema Comfortable Clothing Schema Comfortable Clothing Battlegrounds
2070-enchanted-hood-blueprint Enchanted Hood Blueprint Enchanted Hood Battlegrounds
2068-enchanted-sash-blueprint Enchanted Sash Blueprint Enchanted Sash Battlegrounds
2762-frenzys-shroud-recipe Frenzy's Shroud Recipe Frenzy's Shroud Battlegrounds
3357-harbinger-cloak-schema Harbinger Cloak Schema Harbinger Cloak Battlegrounds
2339-quality-robes-schema Quality Robes Schema Quality Robes Crafting Basic Robes, Robes
2076-reinforced-clothing-schema Reinforced Clothing Schema Reinforced Clothing Battlegrounds
2078-reinforced-leather-armour-schema Reinforced Leather Armour Schema Reinforced Leather Armour Battlegrounds
2082-robes-schema Robes Schema Robes Battlegrounds
2069-simple-hood-blueprint Simple Hood Blueprint Simple Hood Battlegrounds
3438-lazs-witch-hat-blueprint Laz's Witch Hat Blueprint Laz's Witch Hat Recycler
4741-maple-plushie-recipe Maple Plushie Recipe Maple Plushie Olde Foxbury Tourney 2019
3194-soft-bows-design Soft Bows Design Soft Bows Recycler
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