Spooky Illnesses were introduced during The Harvest Carnival. When inflicted, Warriors gain a new status effect in combat, which gives them new strengths and weaknesses. The only way to inflict a villager with a spooky illness, after the event ends, is by using a Sludge Potion on them. Every Spooky Illness can be cured with a Golden Apple.

Icon Name Effect
Lycanthropy Icon
Lycanthropy +2 Strength
+1 Agility
-1 Intelligence
+25 Frost Resistance
-20 Fire Resistance.
Heals for 160 HP (doesn't scale) every turn.
Weak to Silver Weaponry.
Vampirism Icon
Vampirism 40% chance to heal for 300 HP (doesn't scale) every turn.
Weak to Wooden Weaponry.
Zombipathy Icon
Zombipathy +30 Endurance
-3 Strength
-3 Agility
-3 Speed
-3 Intelligence
Weak to Ranged Weapons.
Glitterosclerosis Icon
Glitterosclerosis +2 Agility
-1 Strength
+100 Fire Resistance
+100 Lightning Resistance
-100 Frost Resistance
-100 Dark Resistance
Dodge rate, physical mitigation, damage dealt & taken increased by 5%.

Spooky Illnesses are disabled in the The Tourney.


  • During the Harvest Carnival event, Explorers would get different explorer event paths and outcomes depending on which spooky illness they had.
  • Previously, you could only get a spooky illness from spinning the Cursed Wheel.
  • Lycanthropy can be temporarily inflicted on an opponent with the Werebeast Gauntlet. This works in pvp.
  • Vampirism can be temporarily gained through any of the following equipment: Vampiric Blessing Amulet, Faeli's Cursed Amulet, Dark Bardiche and the Dark Scythe. These also work in pvp.
  • Glitterosclerosis is a newer spooky illness. It became available on January 5th 2019, when the Sludge Potion became drinkable.
  • While similar in name, they shouldn't be confused with normal Illnesses.
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