Spectral Scythe is a Weapon that could be obtained from 2018's Harvest Carnival. Spectral Strike is currently the most powerful dark spell, as it deals high damage, has unlimited charges and its drawback can be negated.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 10
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Ability (Spell): Spectral Strike
    Deals a large amount of dark damage to your opponent. Combatants with "Ethereal" gain a large amount of Dark Resistance for 2 rounds. May apply poison on one or both combatants.
    • 440-600 Dark Damage
      • Has a chance to inflict Poison Mist Effect on
        either combatant, which deals dark damage
        every turn. Lasts 4 Turns.
      • If your Warrior has the Ethereal buff, they also gain
        the Ethereal Blessing buff, which raises their dark
        resistance by 1400. Lasts 2 Turns.
  • Stats
    • Agility +1
    • Strength +2
    • Speed +1
  • Sockets: 0


Spectral Scythe's drawback is the Poison Mist effect that can be randomly applied to the user. One way to negate this drawback is by getting the NPC-Traveler to add a socket to your scythe and adding the Weapon Crystal: Spectral to it. This crystal will increase the scythe's dark damage and apply the Ethereal buff to your warrior. This will activate the Ethereal Blessing buff whenever they use the scythe, increasing their dark resistance enough to cause Poison Mist's damage to be harmless.
Anything that applies the Ethereal buff to your warrior will activate the Ethereal Blessing buff, this includes any other spectral crystals socketed to any other piece of equipment. Spectral Armour also gives the Ethereal buff.

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