Since the forums are down this page has been created to keep track of the typos the site has (item descriptions, etc!). List the item/text, and then point out what should be changed! I've added one I noticed as an example.

Fairy Mushrooms - You know what they say about fairy food? be careful what you eat. This goes especially for these? you may be eating a fairy's home!

Typos: Capitalization needed

Fur Growth Relaxer Recipe - Too tangled for your tastes? you might want to try to stunt it just a tad then? this should help.

Typos: Capitalization needed

Fossilized Tooth - There's no telling how old this tooth is? but the mystery's half the intrigue, isn't it?

Typos: Capitalization needed

Iceberries - They pop deliciously in your mouth! ?eat enough and you just might have some frosty breath for a little while~

Typos: Capitalization needed, questionmark needs deleted

Infection Plant Seed - The name doesn't even sound good? wash your hands after touching!

Typos: Capitalization needed

Dutch AD Morphing Potion Recipe - Those mythical creatures you only have heard about? for a short time, with this recipe, you can live the legend!

Typos: Capitalization needed

White Uni - Legend has it that only the purest of maidens can approach a white uni in the depths of the forest? is this true?

Typos: Capitalization needed, question mark needs deletion

Free Fairy - Hey! Listen! This fairy will happily follow you around, long as you play nice with it. Keep that cage lantern away? or a key handy, at least.

Typos: Capitalization needed

Cooling Salve - For all the mess it makes, it does the trick at managing hot patches, and keeping your paws safe in the hot summer months? and even when cooking!

Typos: change question mark to a comma.

{{Feathering Lotion]] - Apply directly to afflicted area to get those feather glossy again!

Typos: "feather" should be "feathers", plural

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