Shields are a type of Equipment used by Warriors to defend themselves during battle. Almost every shield comes with a powerful defensive ability that reduces or prevents damage. Beginner shields can be purchased in each village's equipment shop or dropped from low-level monsters, but higher level shields can only be obtained through Blacksmiths, events, or as higher level monster drops.

List of all shields

Image Name
4565-a-stray-chow-chow A Stray Chow Chow 10
3316-amethystine-buckler Amethystine Buckler 15
3319-amethystine-greatshield Amethystine Greatshield 15
3317-amethystine-heater-shield Amethystine Heater Shield 15
3322-amethystine-kite-shield Amethystine Kite Shield 15
3326-amethystine-tower-shield Amethystine Tower Shield 0
3337-barrel-shield Barrel Shield 0
5012-bubble-shield Bubble Shield 5
94-coral-shield Coral Shield 5
665-cracked-marble-shield Cracked Marble Shield 0
136-dragon-scale-shield Dragon Scale Shield 10
134-dragon-tooth-shield Dragon Tooth Shield 5
1522-dragonheart-shield Dragonheart Shield 11
4590-elefight-shield Elefight Shield 20
4286-enchanting-owl-spell-book Enchanting Owl Spell Book 0
2929-festive-holiday-shield Festive Holiday Shield 10
2343-flawless-steel-buckler Flawless Steel Buckler 10
2206-foxbury-shield Foxbury Shield 10
256-frozen-bone-shield Frozen Bone Shield 11
671-frozen-stick-shield Frozen Stick Shield 0
1990-gold-greatshield Gold Greatshield 10
1987-gold-kite-shield Gold Kite Shield 10
3093-gold-tower-shield Gold Tower Shield 15
1983-gold-crested-heater-shield Gold-Crested Heater Shield 10
669-grungy-wooden-shield Grungy Wooden Shield 0
667-haunted-pine-shield Haunted Pine Shield 0
254-ice-shield Ice Shield 4
1978-iron-buckler Iron Buckler 4
1980-iron-heater-shield Iron Heater Shield 5
1984-iron-kite-shield Iron Kite Shield 0
3090-iron-tower-shield Iron Tower Shield 6
4050-kitsune-spirit-shield Kitsune Spirit Shield 10
1526-knotted-shield Knotted Shield 10
3304-lion-shield Lion Shield 15
2666-manta-shield Manta Shield 0
663-reef-shield Reef Shield 0
3439-risktakers-shield Risktaker's Shield 12
96-shell-shield Shell Shield 10
1133-shield-of-discourse Shield of Discourse 9
1989-silver-greatshield Silver Greatshield 10
1986-silver-kite-shield Silver Kite Shield 10
3092-silver-tower-shield Silver Tower Shield 15
1982-silver-crested-heater-shield Silver-Crested Heater Shield 10
2313-siobahns-deflector Siobahn's Deflector 8
2331-sirus-honourable-kite-shield Siru's Honourable Kite Shield 7
214-slime-shield Slime Shield 5
5151-spell-book-of-air Spell Book of Air 15
3725-spell-book-of-darkness Spell Book of Darkness 15
3726-spell-book-of-earth Spell Book of Earth 15
3722-spell-book-of-fire Spell Book of Fire 15
3723-spell-book-of-frost Spell Book of Frost 15
3727-spell-book-of-light Spell Book of Light 15
3724-spell-book-of-lightning Spell Book of Lightning 15
5153-spell-book-of-rainbows Spell Book of Rainbows 15
5152-spell-book-of-water Spell Book of Water 15
216-spider-shield Spider Shield 10
1979-steel-buckler Steel Buckler 10
1988-steel-greatshield Steel Greatshield 10
1981-steel-heater-shield Steel Heater Shield 10
1985-steel-kite-shield Steel Kite Shield 5
176-steel-shield Steel Shield 10
3091-steel-tower-shield Steel Tower Shield 12
2345-superior-steel-heater-shield Superior Steel Heater Shield 10
4916-swell-shield Swell Shield 0
3434-talentis-tome-of-treacherous-torment Talenti's Tome of Treacherous Torment 15
1977-wooden-buckler Wooden Buckler 0
174-wooden-shield Wooden Shield 3
3774-wyllows-barrier Wyllow's Barrier 10
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