The Serpent Festival, is an annual site-wide event where players can collect Serpent's Feathers to trade for event-exclusive items. Furthermore, players can also offer Animals and Equipment to the Serpent in exchange for feathers and event-exclusive items.

The first Festival began on February 14th, 2017, and ended on March 1st, 2017. The second Festival began on February 21st, 2018, and ended on March 7th, 2018. The third Festival began on February 18th, 2019, and ended on March 4th, 2019.



Users may offer animals and equipment to the Serpent for the chance to get items including event-exclusive animals and equipment, as well as Serpent's Feathers. Users can choose to either offer 5 animals or 5 equipment to the Serpent.

Offering animals to the Serpent will always grant you one of the event animals. Serpent's Feather would also drop 25% of the time. The species and rarity would be randomized. However, if users add Furcoins5000 to the offering, they will be able to select the species of the animal they wanted. 

When offering equipment to the Serpent, users can not offer weapons which could be bought in village shops. This means that anything bought from Haunted WeaponryAquatic AssailantsMedieval ArmoryHeaven's Warriors, or Frozen Armaments will be ineligible for offering. Serpent's Feathers will always be granted to players, and sometimes, an equipment.

The Gala


Serpent's Feather

One week after the Festival starts, the Gala will be open for all users. The Gala is the event shop of the Serpent Festival. Users will have to convert the Serpent's Feather into Gala Points in order to buy items from the Gala. Users can buy several items including: Animals, Keepsake Items, Vistas, and Magic Plushes.

Serpent's Feathers can be obtained through Exploration Events , offering items to the Serpent, and through the Warrior Career. Users will be given out a trophy for converting Serpent's Feathers into Gala Points: bronze for converting 10 feathers, silver for 30, or gold for 50. Do note that once the user claims the trophy, it can no longer be upgraded. This means that if the user claims the trophy a bronze trophy and later converts more feathers at the attempt get a gold trophy, the trophy would still be bronze.


From left to right: Bronze Gala Trophy, Silver Gala Trophy, and Gold Gala Trophy

In order to access the Gala, the active villager must be wearing one of these items as an outfit. These outfits will be given out as a free item to every user using redeemable codes.

1687-gala-suit 1686-gala-dress3056-twinkling-tux3055-glimmering-gown

Mystery Quest

During the 2017 festival, users can join the mystery quest to create the Serpent Offering, which will grant users 1 to 3 Serpent Eggs once they have completed the quest. This quest is not available in 2018.


To complete the quest, users must follow these steps:


  1. Give a White Cloudog to your active villager
  2. Grow or trade for a Frosted Flying Lightbulb and place it in the first slot of the Serpent's Pot
    1. To grow a Frosted Flying Lightbulb, the user must be in Tigereye Peak and individually plant a Flying Lightbulbs Seed with the following items: Warming Salve, Solar Concoction, Mini Sun Capsule, or Sun Salve
    2. The user must have one of those medicine in their inventory in onder for the prompt to appear
  3. Visit Feathery Familiars for a prompt
  4. View another villager with a Cloudog attached to them, the user will receive a Large Cloud Marshmallow
  5. Visit Feathery Familiars again, this time the user will be given a Small Cloud Marshmallow
  6. Place the Small Cloud Marshmallow in the second slot of the Serpent's Pot
  7. The user must have a Hot Chocolate Packet in their inventory, and then visit Mayor Chester's villager page. The user will receive a Dark Hot Chocolate Packet
  8. Place the Dark Hot Chocolate Packet in the third slot of the Serpent's Pot, this will create the Serpent Offering
  9. Visit the Serpent and select Offer Item, and then select the Serpent Offering, the user will receive 1-3 Serpent Eggs


From left to right: Bronze Serpent Trophy, Silver Serpent Trophy, and Gold Serpent Trophy

In addition to the eggs, users will also receive trophies for completing the quest. The first users will receive a gold trophy, while the next few will receive a silver trophy. Any subsequent users will receive a bronze trophy for completing the quest.



These animals have a 1 day cooldown until March 1st 2017, when they will become unbreedable and retired. Rainbow variants can also be bought from the Gala.

In addition to the cloud pets, users will get 1 to 3 Serpent's Eggs once they completed the Mystery Quest. These items could be incubated for a higher chance of receiving a Super Rare Feathered Serpent.

These animals have a 1 day cooldown until March 7th 2018, when they will become unbreedable and retired. Sunset and Rainbow variants can also be bought from the Gala.

These animals have a 1 day cooldown until March 4th 2019, when they will become unbreedable and retired. Sunset and Rainbow variants can also be bought from the Gala.

Plushes and Stickers

Unlike the previous Serpent Festivals, stickers were given instead of plushies.