Rusty Battle Moo is both a Combat Pet and also an Animal. They can be bought from the Steeds And More shop in Olde Foxbury for Furcoins 25,000.
Battle Moos are not breedable.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 0
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Passive Ability: Inflicts the Battle Cow I debuff on your opponent, which may damage them every turn:
    • 170 Physical Damage (50% chance every turn)
      • +20% to Light
      • -40% to Medium
      • +40% to Heavy

         This debuff cannot be removed.

  • Stats
    • Agility +1
    • Strength +1
    • Endurance +1
  • Sockets: 0


  • Battle Moos are the first hybrid combat pets, being both a Weapon and an Animal.
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