Rings are Equipment used by Warriors to fight during battle. They provide the most Endurance out of any equipment, making them essential for surviving longer. They can also come with one-use abilities. Rings can be dropped from medium to high level monsters, obtained through Crafters or Blacksmiths, or from events. Each warrior can equip one ring at a time.

List of all rings

Image Ring
4205-abyssal-ring Abyssal Ring 10
2013-bronze-ring Bronze Ring 0
2021-dark-signet-ring Dark Signet Ring 9
2024-diamond-ring Diamond Ring 11
2017-enchanted-ring Enchanted Ring 20
4004-enchanted-ring-of-enhanced-testing Enchanted Ring of Enhanced Testing 25
2022-enchanted-to-be-awesome-signet-ring Enchanted To Be Awesome Signet Ring 12
2018-fire-signet-ring Fire Signet Ring 8
2020-frost-signet-ring Frost Signet Ring 12
2015-gold-ring Gold Ring 10
2311-hales-bronze-ring Hale's Bronze Ring 17
2026-jet-ring Jet Ring 6
3025-lauras-ring Laura's Ring 0
2019-lightning-signet-ring Lightning Signet Ring 7
3300-lion-form-ring Lion Form Ring 10
2025-malachite-ring Malachite Ring 7
3196-obsidian-ring Obsidian Ring 10
2023-opal-ring Opal Ring 10
3197-petrified-wood-ring Petrified Wood Ring 10
2016-platinum-ring Platinum Ring 15
4010-protection-ring-of-tempest Protection Ring of Tempest 9
3335-ridiculous-ring-of-absurdity Ridiculous Ring of Absurdity 22
3783-ring-of-curses-guile Ring of Curses: Guile 10
3784-ring-of-curses-wisdom Ring of Curses: Wisdom 10
3406-ring-of-defeat Ring of Defeat 1
2027-ruby-ring Ruby Ring 7
2014-silver-ring Silver Ring 5
3358-tourmaline-ring Tourmaline Ring 12