"Well hello there Sugar! Didn’t see ya there, busy brewin’ and all that...People have been comin’ by all day, throwin’ their...Hm, what was it they called them again? It’s right there on the tip of my tongue..Oh! Their recyclables! It is just the strangest thing, puttin’ all those very random items in my pot here...But then I do a little of my special brand of magic and out comes these sparkly little gems! And let me tell you a secret, you know who likes sparkly things? This little lady right here! You can be sure that Miss Isadore will be more than happy to trade you a few fancy items from the shop in the back for those gems. You come on back and see me again when you’ve got a nice collection goin!"

The Recycling Shop is a shop where users can buy items with Fur Gems that they can earn from discarding inventory items that a user doesn't want anymore. Its current use at the moment is viewing your Fur Gem amount.

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Recycling Shop


  • This shop was added on April 6, 2017, around 9:00 PM FV time.
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