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Ix’kin Dawnseeker says: "Good afternoon. You may consider me a middleman of sorts. There are always villagers looking for particular items, and they come to me to find them. If you happen to have any of the items my clients are looking for, then I will reward you well. My rewards appeal greatly to Foxix, who runs a very unique store down the street."

Ix’kin Dawnseeker is one of the quest givers on site. They will ask for various items from any village. As reward for completing their quest they give out Quest Shards, which are used as currency at the Quest Shop, and Furcoins.

Users have 6 hours to complete a quest.

Quest Levels

When enough quests are completed, your Quest Level will increase. The number items asked for will also increase. When specific Quest Levels are reached, it will allow certain items to be purchased at the Quest Shop.

Level No. of Completed Quests Needed No. of Items Requested
1 0 1 - 2
2 10 2 - 5
3 40 7
4 100 5 - 9
5 150
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