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Foxix says: "Well, hello there! You must have been sent here by Ix’kin. Most people don’t know about this store unless Ix’kin sends them my way. If you happen to have any Quest Shards you’ve received from them, then you can use those here. I’m always looking for some more to accent my chainmail crafts."

The Quest Shop sells items that can be purchased with quest shards.

Items can only be bought if certain quest levels have been reached. To increase your quest level, complete quests.


Item Level Quest Shards
Oil Can 1 5
Mischievous FH Plushie 1 131
Mechanical Brain Blueprint 2 25
Mechanical Heart Blueprint 2 25
Shifty Morphing Potion Recipe 5 100
Abel's Folly 5 250
Magic Midnight Shifty Plush 8 100
Magic Terra Gembound Plush 10 500
Magic Beloved Gembound Plush 10 501
Magic Oceanic Gembound Plush 10 502