Nestled in a building made of coral was a small shop. Inside, books lined the shelves, each of them dictating recipes for various underwater ailments. A small, fish-tailed calico cat bounced from shelf to shelf, organizing the books by author and facing them out so they were appealing to the customers. 
"Hello!" she chirped, turning toward the entrance with a smile. "My name is Fishii, and you've found your way into Oceanic Cures! If you need recipes for medicines, this is the place to find them."
Oceanic Cures is the medical shop of Oceandome, where Doctors of Oceandome are able to purchase recipes and supplies to assist their fellow furries with ailments. The shopkeeper is a fish-tailed calico cat by the name of Fishii.

Additional Services

Oceanic Cures is temporarily offering one free doctor's appointment per day. This will remove an illness from your active villager.

Shop Stock

Item Cost
Anti-Nausea Salve Recipe Furcoins 100
Gill Lotion Recipe Furcoins 100
Infused Water Recipe Furcoins 100
Salty Sedative Recipe Furcoins 100
Seadollar Salve Recipe Furcoins 100
Underwater Container Furcoins 50
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