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Monsters are creatures that Warriors defeat to earn various rewards. Each village has a unique set of monsters, and villagers will only ever encounter a monster from their home village. Like items, monsters have different rarities, which determine how frequently they appear and what quality of loot they drop.

For information on battle and defeating monsters, please see the Warrior page.

Monster Rarity, Stats, and Loot

The items that drop from a monster depend on the region that the monster comes from. Thus, fighting a common monster from Oceandome can only yield common items from Oceandome.

Rarity Strength HP Loot Table
Common 1-2 7-12 Furcoins 2-10

0-2 Common Item

Uncommon 3-6 20-32 Furcoins 11-32

1-2 Common Item
0-1 Uncommon Item

Rare 11-18 38-61 Furcoins 44-98

1-3 Common Item
1-2 Uncommon Item
0-1 Rare Item

Super Rare 20-25 136-150 Furcoins 50-199

2-3 Common Item
1-3 Uncommon Item
1 Rare Item
0-1 Super Rare Item

File:IconsMoon.pngDragonsmaw Manor Monsters

File:IconsShip.png Oceandome Monsters

File:IconsShield.pngOlde Foxbury Monsters

File:IconsTree.pngTigereye Peak Monsters

File:IconsUniversity.png Quetzal Palace Monsters

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