Shaun Dreclin

  • I live in Toronto, ON
  • I was born on November 10
  • I am Male
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  • I've designed an item template to illustrate the look of furvilla's item containers.

    {{Item|item=Iron Lump|image=183-iron-lump.png|count=75}}

    results in

    Gold 100 FC

    You can feel free to use it if you think it's helpful, or you can delete it. That's up to you c:

    If you would like to make it look even better, you can install the font that Furvilla uses.

    You would add the @import version of Step 3 on that link to your Wiki CSS.

    Thank you for your time,


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  • Sorry to be sending this publicly, I can't find a private messaging method.

    I've been having some difficulties with FallenSamurai due to disagreements about the item recipe issue. Every time I create or update an item page with a recipe, they go in and delete the recipe from the page. We've been talking about it but we're not getting anywhere, would you mind taking a look into the situation?

    We've been talking on both the recipes thread (Thread:4176) and FallenSamurai's Message Wall.

    Sorry again for bothering you about this. I don't want to fight anyone, I just want to make the pages consistent and not be constantly going back and forth.

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  • Hey, I am really bad at the whole templates and junk here, I just add what I can. Do you have any suggestions of how a wiki newb like myself can help?

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    • I would say just browse existing pages and fill in the info that you know! There's tons of missing info. If you have an explorer from Quetzal Palace or Tiger Eye Peak, please head over to Explorer and fill out any missing stuff you know.

      Templates are pretty easy to use BTW, just look at source mode (never visual editor) of an existing page like Anti-Nausea Salve and see how stuff is laid out.

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