Legendary Chubby Bunny is a unique type of Weapon referred to as a Combat Pet. Only five currently exist, each one available from the The Fair Exchange for Furcoins 13,333,337.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 20
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Passive Ability: Gain the Legendary Guile buff, which increases your Warrior's Agility by 14 and Intelligence by 2, increases all damage taken and dealt by 5%, adds 10% lifesteal but prevents your Warrior from using skills.
    Inflicts the Bunny Strike debuff on your opponent, which deals 240 physical damage to them every turn.
    These buffs and debuffs cannot be removed.
  • Stats
    • Strength +4
    • Endurance +4
    • Fire Resistance +90
    • Frost Resistance +90
    • Lightning Resistance +90
    • Dark Resistance +90
    • Mitigation +50
  • Sockets: 0
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