Imaginary Lance That Doesn't Exist is an extremely rare and highly sought-after Weapon.
It was originally named "Lance" and was planned to drop in the very first Olde Foxbury Jousting Tournament but never did. It was later renamed and secretly put into the loot tables of random Battleground Events with an extremely low chance of dropping.
The Lands of Soup battleground is the first battleground to announce the lance as a drop, though the image of the lance was removed from the news post a few days later.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 10
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Ability (Skill): Lance
    Strikes with an imaginary lance, dealing imagination damage.
    • 420-480 Physical Damage
  • Stats
    • Agility +1
    • Speed +1
  • Sockets: 0


  • Previously had a chance to drop in one of Olde Foxbury's explorer events. It's unknown if anyone ever got one before it was removed as a drop.
  • It was originally much weaker but was later buffed. Its damage was increased and it was given the hidden ability to stun blocking enemies for 2 turns. The Rusted, Sturdy, Silver, Golden and Amethystine lances were also given this ability in the same update.
    • Imaginary Lance was nerfed on April 15th 2019, removing its hidden ability.
  • The Imaginary Lance has a 1 in 10,000 drop rate.[1]
  • The Lance That Totally Does Exist's name and artwork are a reference to this weapon.


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