Illnesses are status effects that villagers may be affected with while performing their duties. Illnesses vary with each village, and can be cured with medicine from Doctors. If you are looking for information on the special illnesses released with the 2018 Harvest Festival, please see Spooky Illnesses.

Update: Illnesses are currently being revamped. Villagers cannot become ill anymore.


Minor Illnesses

Minor illnesses will decrease your villager's productivity by 50%. For example, Explorers will only be able to explore 10 times per hour while afflicted, and Warriors will only be able to deal half of their normal damage.

Major Illnesses

Major diseases will render afflicted villagers unable to do their jobs, unless they have Beginner's Boon.

Beginner's Boon

Beginner's Boon is a status effect applied to all villagers that are younger than 2 weeks old. If a villager with Beginner's Boon is infected with a major illness, they will still be able to work, but at half productivity, as if infected with a minor illness.

List of diseases by village

Each village has 5 unique illnesses, with 4 minor illnesses and 1 major illness.

Dragonsmaw Manor Dragonsmaw-manor-symbol

Name Cure Effect
Monster Madness Spider Eye Solution Minor
Lunar Sickness Sun Salve Minor
Sun Allergy Lunar Salve Minor
Blood Obsession Plasma Drink Minor
Ferality Silver Concoction Major

Oceandome Oceandome-symbol

Name Cure Effect
Seasickness Anti-Nausea Salve Minor
Gill Rot Gill Lotion Minor
Coral Madness Salty Sedative Minor
Salt Excess Infused Water Minor
Neptune's Disease Seadollar Salve Major

Olde Foxbury Olde-foxbury-symbol

Name Cure Effect
Dragon's Rash Cooling Salve Minor
Horserider Bruise Soothing Lotion Minor
Royal Sickness Gold Medicine Minor
Warrior's Plague Leech Blood Minor
Plague Anti-Plague Potion Major

Tigereye Peak Tigereye-peak-symbol

Name Cure Effect
Frostbite Warming Salve Minor
Ice Rot Solar Concoction Minor
Yeti Illness Yeti Blood Infusion Minor
Fur Overgrow Fur Growth Relaxer Minor
Hypothermia Mini Sun Capsule Major

Quetzal Palace Quetzal-palace-symbol

Name Cure Effect
Vertigo Height Sedation Minor
Cloud Sickness Bottled Rainstorm Minor
Feather Rot Feathering Lotion Minor
Marble Allergy Allergy Paste Minor
Broken Limb Medicinal Gauze Major


  • If a villager is sick and visits the clinic, there is a well known bug where they will be cured and they cannot receive any illnesses, even if the pop up says they do. The only way to receive illnesses is from a new villager or a villager that never did a job before. Because of this, it's said that illnesses will be revamped sometime in the future and will be affected to animals.
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