While the outside was frigid, the inside of the little shoppe was cozy and warm. A fluffy canine waited by the entrance, smiling as she held the door open for the patrons. "Welcome to Icy Instruments! Here, you'll be able to find anything you need for your crafting projects. My name is Blu, and I'm happy to assist!" Soon as the last patron entered, she moved back toward her counter and plopped down, her fur fluffed up from the cold.
Icy Instruments is a shop located in the Tigereye Peak Town Hall that supplies blueprints and sewing sets for Crafters. It is manned by a dog named Blu.

As with all site-run shops, you can haggle item prices down 5%. The result is rounded down, so Furcoins 75 can be haggled to Furcoins 71.

Shop Stock 

Item Cost
Floofy Fur Blueprint Furcoins 100
Frozen Orb Blueprint Furcoins 100
Icy Sewing Set Furcoins 100
Mythic Fang Blueprint Furcoins 100
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