Horses are one of the default species available for villager creation. Its colors reflect those of domesticated horses. Its line art variances include the clydesdale, black horse, zebra and donkey. All horses have hooves with horseshoes instead of hands.

Horses currently have 10 different colors. The first three can be used upon villager creation, but the rest require a Horse Morphing Potion to be applied.

Magic Plush Colors

A plush color can be applied by using the appropriate Magic Plush on a villager.

The horse can use all 15 costumes.


  • Horses were not included in the original four species of villager planned for Furvilla. They were introduced later in development along with the rabbit.
  • On August 30 2016, the Donkey, Buckskin and Black Horse were added. The artwork for the Clydesdale Horse was also updated. The old artwork can be found here.