As the shop's door creaked open, a delicate bell chimed, announcing the entry of any customers. A small-statured dragon could be seen behind the shop's main counter, who in turn shifted to gaze with mild irritation at those who entered his store. "Don't you know better than to interrupt someone while they're working?" He huffed. "Whatever, I'm Cyphiren, and this is my shop, Herbalism. If you're looking for medical items, I'm your guy."
Herbalism Shop is a shop located in Olde Foxbury Town Hall that supplies Doctors with cure recipes. It is manned by a dragon named Cyphiren.

As with all site-run shops, you can haggle item prices down 5%. The result is rounded down, so Furcoins 75 can be haggled to Furcoins 71.

Additional Services

Herbalism Shop is temporarily offering one free doctor's appointment per day. This will remove an illness from your active villager.

Shop Stock

Item Cost
Anti-Plague Potion Recipe Furcoins 100
Cooling Salve Recipe Furcoins 100
Gold Medicine Recipe Furcoins 100
Leech Blood Recipe Furcoins 100
Soothing Lotion Recipe Furcoins 100
Sword Container Furcoins 50