The shelves of the torch-lit shop were lined with blueprints, supplies, and gleaming weapons and tools of every sort, from your typical sword or shield to more creative devices exclusive to Dragonsmaw. A glowing set of eyes belonging to a soft, dark-furred dragon greeted customers as they entered. "Hi! My name's Arc. I make swords, shields, body armor, and all sorts of unique equipment for the most daring soldier. If you don't see something you want, which is unlikely, I'd be happy to see if I can make it special just for you."
Haunted Weaponry is a shop located in the Dragonsmaw Manor Town Hall that supplies Blacksmiths with schemas and supplies for crafting. It is manned by a Dragon named Arc.

As with all site-run shops, you can haggle item prices down 5%. The result is rounded down, so Furcoins 75 can be haggled to Furcoins 71.

Shop Stock

Item Cost
Black Slime Helmet Schema Furcoins 1000
Monster Claw Axe Schema Furcoins 1000
Spider Shield Schema Furcoins 1000
Monster Tooth Knife Schema Furcoins 500
Slime Shield Schema Furcoins 500
Spiderweb Furcoins 500
Slime Helmet Base Furcoins 100
Fang Club Furcoins 75
Haunted Pine Shield Furcoins 75
Monster Knife Hilt Furcoins 50
Steel Furcoins 15
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