As snow slowly fell from the grey clouds, a dragon-wolf of gray, white, and black nervously moved around her shop of furs and outfits. Her long fluffy tail flicked frantically as her shy, kind brown eyes looked over her costumes, making sure they were perfect. "W-Welcome to Glacial Costumes, my name's M-Morgie and I own this shop here. I can sew any cold o-outfit for this wintery weather that you desire so let me know if you n-need anything darlin'."
Glacial Costumes is a shop located in Tigereye Peak that supplies patterns and fabrics for the Tailor career. It is manned by a dragon-wolf named Morgie.

Shop Stock 

Item Cost
Fluffy Pattern Book Furcoins 500
Mythic Pattern Book Furcoins 500
Sorcerer Pattern Book Furcoins 500
Icy Fabric Furcoins 100
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