Fur Gems, also known as FG, are one of the currencies used in Furvilla. The only way to currently obtain FG is by discarding items from your Inventory, or discarding them through Quickstock. Fur Gems are used to buy items from the Recycling Shop. Unlike FurCash and FurDollars, Fur Gems themselves cannot be transferred between users. Instead, users buy items from the Recycler and sell those to other users.

It's recommended to discard items that are very easily obtained. Some fairly useless items are the Quest Warrior items, like the Smoldering Stick or Forgotten Elephant Tusk. Recipes and Schemas that you no longer need can be discarded as well. If you have an active Herbalist, discarding certain plants may help get you lots of Fur Gems quickly. Always check stall prices before discarding anything, they may be much more valuable than you think.

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