Food Points, also referred to as Feast Points or Food Drive Points, are points accumulated from Food items, either through consumption for The Feast or donation for the Food Drive. All food contains the same value of points in regards to either contest (eg, Kibble Cakes will reward 4 points for either The Feast or the Food Drive.)

At the end of every month, all the points are tallied up for these respective contests for prizes. The points are then reset for the new month's contests.

The Feast

Feast Points are gained by feeding a villager different Food items. All villagers have individual scores and are considered individual competitors in The Feast, even if a user feeds multiple villagers that they own. 

Food Drive

Food Drive points are gained by donating food items to the Food Drive. All points are instead counted towards the user's current Village, encouraging a team effort among users for the monthly prize.

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