Food is an item that a villager can consume. Feast Points will be granted to Villagers that consume food and are used to acquire prizes for The Feast. A set number of Feast Points will be awarded depending on the type of food item. Only one Villager per Feast period can be fed food, so choose your villager wisely.  

Point Value

Food point value varies from 1-10 Feast Points.

Image Food Location Points
2934-anas-feathered-roast Ana's Feathered Roast Snow Festival 2017 10
1743-baked-furlaska Baked Furlaska Cozy Cookery 10
4482-berry-berry-swirl-lollipop Berry Berry Swirl Lollipop Capsule of Captivating Mystery 10
2798-blood-moon-pie Blood Moon Pie Harvest Festival 2017 1
3831-boomallows Boomallows Harvest Festival 2018 1
2776-candy-mints Candy Mints Harvest Festival 2017 1
3825-caramel-apple Caramel Apple Harvest Festival 2018 5
3834-carnival-candy-gummi-wickerbeast Carnival Candy Gummi Wickerbeast Harvest Festival 2018 1
2932-chesters-blood-orange-cider Chester's Blood Orange Cider Snow Festival 2017 10
4803-chips-brand-chips Chip's Brand Chips Picnic Basket, Battlegrounds 4
4806-cinnamon-fire-swirl-lollipop Cinnamon Fire Swirl Lollipop Picnic Basket, Battlegrounds 1
3184-cosettes-floral-tea Cosettes Floral Tea Cozy Cookery 3
4485-crab-leg-flavored-lollipop Crab Leg Flavored Lollipop Capsule of Captivating Mystery 10
4017-cranberries Cranberries Furvilla Second Anniversary 3
1736-cuttle-burger-and-coral-fries Cuttle Burger and Coral Fries Cozy Cookery 10
3797-dark-side-of-the-blood-moon-pie Dark Side of the Blood Moon Pie Harvest Festival 2018 1
3255-dehoofed-zebra-leg Dehoofed Zebra Leg Battlegrounds - The Abyss 8
2772-dragonscale-candy-apple Dragonscale Candy Apple Harvest Festival 2017 1
3269-floral-delight Floral Delight Cozy Cookery 6
1741-fluttering-fluff-puff Fluttering Fluff Puff Cozy Cookery 10
4297-foxitos Foxitos Cozy Cookery 4
4146-fresh-fruit-tree Fresh Fruit Tree ??? 10
3836-gelatin-not-so-gray-matter-dessert Gelatin Not-So-Gray Matter Dessert Harvest Festival 2018 7
3800-gilded-apple Gilded Apple Harvest Festival 2018 9
3805-grumpkin-candies Grumpkin Candies Harvest Festival 2018 1
4492-hand-sandwich Hand Sandwich Exploration Event Dragonsmaw Manor 6
1739-handcrafted-cheese-cake Handcrafted Cheese Cake Cozy Cookery 10
1733-herbalist-medley-salad Herbalist Medley Salad Cozy Cookery 6
2787-jellied-blood-bites Jellied Blood Bites Harvest Festival 2017 1
3211-jelly-beans Jelly Beans Spring Eggstravaganza 4
4145-jingle-mix Jingle Mix Snow Festival 2017 10
1732-kibble-cakes Kibble Cakes Cozy Cookery 4
4363-larkspur-roasted-wyvern Larkspur Roasted Wyvern Cozy Cookery 8
4484-lime-lollipop Lime Lollipop Capsule of Captivating Mystery 10
1742-mammoth-roast-feast Mammoth Roast Feast Cozy Cookery 8
4147-mashy-the-potatoman Mashy the Potatoman Snow Festival 2018 10
4292-meatballs-and-spaghetti Meatballs and Spaghetti Cozy Cookery 8
2933-minstrels-choco-cheese-surprise Minstrel's Choco CHeese Surprise Snow Festival 2017 10
4278-mustache-munchies Mustache Munchies Cozy Cookery 5
2935-octavias-candied-coral-tree Octavia's Candied Coral Tree Snow Festival 2017 10
4676-ooey-gooey-cake-pop Ooey Gooey Cake Pop ??? 10
4280-pawpurroni-pizza Pawpurroni Pizza Cozy Cookery 10
4801-peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Picnic Basket, Battlegrounds 4
4800-pear Pear Picnic Basket, Battlegrounds 3
4144-peppermint-fudge-paws Peppermint Fudge Paws Snow Festival 2018 10
1740-phoenix-fire-hot-wings Phoenix Fire Hot Wings Cozy Cookery 8
4294-pine-nut-pot-pie Pine Nut Pot Pie Cozy Cookery 10
2936-polarias-snowy-night-beignet Polaria's Snowy Night Beignet Snow Festival 2017 10
1731-pretty-poodles-soup-of-noodles Pretty Poodle's Soup of Noodles Cozy Cookery 2
3272-priests-death-by-mocha Priest's Death by Mocha Cozy Cookery 4
4481-red-lollipop Red Lollipop Capsule of Captivating Mystery 10
4483-root-beer-lollipop Root Beer Lollipop Capsule of Captivating Mystery 10
3432-rotsuoys-savory-monster-chops Rotsuoy's Savory Monster Chops Cozy Cookery 8
1737-salted-caramel-treasure-trove Salted Caramel Treasure Trove Cozy Cookery 10
4523-simply-saltines Simply Saltines Lands of Soup 3
3808-slime-bites Slime Bites Harvest Festival 2018 1
3841-slime-slushie Slime Slushie Harvest Festival 2018 7
3844-spaghetti-and-eyeballs Spaghetti and Eyeballs Harvest Festival 2018 7
3822-spooky-sundae Spooky Sundae Harvest Festival 2018 7
1738-squeakherds-pie Squeakherd's Pie Cozy Cookery 8
3829-strawberry-funnel-cake Strawberry Funnel Cake Harvest Festival 2018 7
4493-stuffed-cow-bell-peppers Stuffed Cow Bell Peppers Cozy Cookery 8
4148-sushi-wreath Sushi Wreath Snow Festival 2018 10
1735-terrormisu Terrormisu Cozy Cookery 10
4802-tiger-fiz Tiger Fiz Picnic Basket, Battlegrounds 2
1734-torn-cheese-steak-sandwich Torn Cheese Steak Sandwich Cozy Cookery 8
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