"The most basic career, Explorers can start finding FC and items straight away."

Explorer is one of the 11 Careers that can be assigned to a Villager. It allows them to collect items from the outskirts of their village, coming back with 1-4 village-specific items and 5-10 Furcoins FurCash. Each individual villager with the career can explore up to 20 times an hour, or 10 if it's sick.

The following Costumes give +5 bonus explorations per hour when applied to a villager with the Explorer career:

Exploration Events

Exploration Events are special areas, objects or NPCs that explorers may stumble upon while searching for items. These events require the explorer to make a choice, like which way they should go or how they should respond to a question. Many of these choices affect the reward at the end of these events.


The following items can be collected by Explorers.

Oceandome-symbol Oceandome Quetzal-palace-symbol Quetzal Palace Olde-foxbury-symbolOlde Foxbury Dragonsmaw-manor-symbolDragonsmaw Manor Tigereye-peak-symbolTigereye Peak
Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
Coral Slab Marble Slab Stone Slab Haunted Pine Slab Frozen Wood Slab
Teal Trumpets Seed Flying Daffodil Seed Ploofballs Seed Venus Fly Trap Seed Frozen Ribcage
Fur Coral Seed Flying Daisies Seed Unusual Pineapple Seed Angry Root Seed Frozen Bellflowers Seed
Pea Algae Seed Flying Fur Seed Strange Celery Seed Pot Plant Seed Frozen Fern Seed
Brain Coral Seed Flying Larkspur Seed Mandrake Seed Chomper Plant Seed Icehands Seed
Seaweed Vine Seed Flying Squiggles Seed Mustache Plant Seed Eyeris Seed Iceberries Seed
Wriggling Algae Seed Flying Daffodil Bunch Seed Hairy Radish Seed Infection Plant Seed Frostplant Seed
Neural Plant Seed Flying Red Tip Seed Claw Beets Seed Deadbow Seed Ice Lettuce Seed
Underwater Watermelons Seed Flying Lightbulbs Seed Green Stalk Seed Mouth Bean Seed Sunflowers Seed
Golden Cufflinks Fairy Mushrooms Iron Lump Animal Fangs Cotton Flower Seed
Scuba Shoes Stardust Steel Block Candycorn Hot Chocolate Packet
Oceanic Gem Stars Lumber Extra Teeth Spellbook Page
Magical Fins Miniature Wings Chainmail Links Eyeris Seed Mythical Scroll
Coral Fairy Dust Leather Boots Fur Tufts Ice Chunk
Conch Dragon Hide Brass Pieces Knuckle Bones Ice Chisel
Dragon Scales Golden Laurels Slime Bucket White Fur Tufts
Dragon Tooth Clock Pieces Souls of the Damned
Kingly Gemstones Spiders
Toxic Waste