The Wheel event can occur randomly while a villager is exploring, it's not limited to a specific village.

Mundane Wheel

"As you travel along, you see a mundane wooden wheel in the path. While certainly magical, this one doesn't seem to have any dangerous symbols on it. Why not give it a spin?"
[Spin!] Rewards
"The wheel comes up on an icon representing a material, which manifests before it." Warrior Loot
"The result comes up blank. Nothing happens - the wheel fades away moments later. Ah well." Nothing

Skull Wheel

"During your travels, you come across a large wheel in the middle of the path. This one is a dark black with several skull images among other foreboding pictures. Do you want to spin anyway?"
[Yes] Rewards
"The wheel spins for a time, then suddenly stops - a skull. Suddenly, you feel exhausted." Lose all Turns
"You spin the wheel, and it lands on a picture of an hourglass. Suddenly, you feel time shift around you - an hour seems to have passed in an instant!" Lose 10 Turns
"The wheel spins for a time, then stops slowly on the picture of, well, a resource of sorts. It manifests below the wheel." Random Reagent
[Nope] Rewards
Nothing happens. n/a

Super Happy Fun Wheel

"You're walking along and suddenly there is an explosion of confetti and glitter raining down on you, flashing lights and the happiest, funnest little song accompany the spectacle! Once the cloud clears you can see a rainbow colored wheel sitting in the middle of the path with a sign that says "Spin Me!" And so you do."
[Yes] Rewards
"Well there is definitely no reason to be blue about getting the blue! Look at that fabulous prize!" ?
""Look at that, you got the red section! Red lights flash and the middle of the wheel opens up, firing an awesome prize your way!"" ?
"Green! It sparkles like emeralds...A glitter covered package falls at your feet. Enjoy your prize!" Random Food
"Orange" ?
"Purple, well that's the color of royalty! Guess that means a prize fit for a king!" ?


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