The Tarot Card event can occur randomly while a villager is exploring, it's not limited to a specific village. If you choose not to investigate the card at all, the event will immediately end. It's safe to flip over every card except the black card, which can cause you to lose many or all of your exploration turns.

Encountering this event will award you with Vibrant Gemstones!

"A glorious blue card lies peacefully before you. Do you wish to flip it?"
[Yes] Rewards
"This card emits a powerful magic. You feel energized." Gain 5 Turns and Furcoins
"You flip the card to reveal a tranquil river and peaceful forest." Nothing
"The card reveals a glorious angelic figure. You quickly jot down some notes." Random Uncommon to Super Rare Recipe
[No] Rewards
Nothing happens. n/a

"Upon further investigation, the card has a fantastically detailed black back. Do you wish to flip it?"
[Yes] Rewards
"The card image reveals a cloaked figure with glowing red eyes.
As you gaze at the card, you suddenly feel exhausted."
Lose all Turns
"You flip the card to reveal a jester. What a waste of time!" Lose ? Turns
"This card is interesting. It reveals a small rope and a towering cliff. If at first you thought the cliff was an insurmountable obstacle, it now seems manageable from a new perspective. Reinvigorated, you discover some new fantastic things during your travels today." Gain 5 Turns, 1-5 Uncommon up to Super Rare Explorer loot and Furcoins
"A strange coin manifests before you." 1x Risktaker's Coin
"A strange sword manifests before you." 1x Risktaker's Sword
"As you go to reveal the card, a large comet smash nearby; the fires that spark from the impact ignite the card and turn it to ashes in your paws. Probably for the best, you think. You shuffle over with due haste towards the impact, and find a large spacecraft ignited with deadly flames. You fiercely dash about in search of anyone that might be in need of saving, but to no avail; if anyone survived the impact, they're definitely not here - perhaps the ship was self-piloted? Regardless, as you prepare yourself to leave, at a loss for words as to what just happened, you notice a strange outfit that's perfectly intact. This otherworldly garment must be valuable." 1x Zeboran Space Suit
[No] Rewards
Nothing happens. n/a

"A red card floats idly before you, do you wish to reveal it?"
[Yes] Rewards
"The card reveals a lone lion on a cliff roaring ferociously. Inspiring stuff." Gain ? Turns
"The card reveals a cart moving forward; like the cart, you too find yourself moving forward." Gain max Turns
"The card reveals a heart. It's not the heart you'd expect, but you're certain it feels love all the same!" 1x Mechanical Heart
"The card reveals scales with some tasty food on them, which begins to manifest below it. When making judgments, one must use intelligence and wisdom; both of which were clearly lacking when making the reward for this card." 1x Phoenix Fire Hot Wings
"An image of a powerful princess is embedded on the card. Before you manifests a pile of FurCash!" Furcoins
[No] Rewards
Nothing happens. n/a

"A dark green card lies before you, do you wish to flip it?"
[Yes] Rewards
"The card reveals a friendly, welcoming figure. Everything will be okay, and you know that no matter what challenges you face, you'll feel better after having faced them." Gain ? Turns and
1x HP Potion
"The card reveals a large, durable tower." 1x House Durability Potion
"You reveal a wheel with strange symbols. A moment passes, and below the card manifests a pile of Furcash." Furcoins
"The card reveals a figure living alone. You think for a moment, sometimes it's nice to have privacy, to be alone with your thoughts - but moderation is important, and sometimes everyone needs a friend." 1x Uncommon Colored Minipet
[No] Rewards
Nothing happens. n/a

"A strange purple card floats before you; as you go to grab it, it vanishes into smoke, replaced by a peculiar set of plushies."

1x Best Friends Furever Plushie Set

"A glorious yellow card! These are rare! Do you want to flip it?"
[Yes] Rewards
"Praise the Sun! \o/" 1x Super Rare Plushie
"The card reveals a mysterious moon covered partially by clouds!" 1x Super Rare Minipet
"The card manifests into an ethereal star that dashes about you. Dust falls from the star, and a costume appears below you." 1x Costume
[No] Rewards
"Not one to bow down to fate, you reluctantly leave the yellow card behind. You notice a strange spacecraft, abandoned nearly - as if it'd been watching your encounter with the peculiar card. The lights flicker, then vanish. You hastily hurry over - but by the time you arrive, it's gone. In its place, a strange looking gun lays idle." 1x Zeboran Ray Gun


  • During March and April 2018, White Fabric was automatically rewarded when finding a tarot card.
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