"Old Forest event can occur randomly while a villager is exploring in Dragonsmaw Manor.

Old Forest V.1

"You find yourself wandering past the old forest near town. This time, you think you can muster up the courage to explore it. Do you wish to continue?"

[No] [Yes]

"As you progress through the woods, the trees get thicker, taller, darker... the whole atmosphere becomes more ominous. To your surprise, you eventually find an old path, perhaps from explorers past, or maybe the remnants of some old trail. Either way, the sense of direction is a welcome sight. You follow it for a time, and come across a sign.The sign, while old and worn, still has three arrows indicating possible destinations - which would you like to pursue?"

The Town

"You choose to follow the sign to a town, a peculiar location for one to be, but curiosity pushes you forward regardless. The sign wasn't specific on what it was called... the words faded beyond readability. The road leading to this town seems to be long and eerie. A cool wind offers you refreshment as you wander the derelict path towards an unknown destination. Some time passes before you finally arrive at the town the sign mentioned. Somewhat unsurprisingly, it seems to be an old logging town, now abandoned. There's a few points of interest."

[The Mill] Rewards
"You venture over to the mill. It looks like it was once quite productive, but now lies dormant, forgotten to time. You step into the old building, as a plank of wood snaps beneath you. You compose yourself, and continue into the building. The collapsed roof allows the pale moonlight to offer radiance to the dimly lit mill. Besides a few scraps of a peculiar sort of spiderweb, there doesn't seem to be anything else of value here. You gather up what you can, and leave to make the trek home." 3x Sinister 


[The Town Hall] Rewards
"You enter the town hall. It's empty, derelict, decayed, like the rest of the village. The roof collapsed and the building, perhaps once grand, is now a pile of useless rubble. Disappointed, you begin to leave, but not before you hear what sounds like paper fluttering nearby - you turn around to find a recipe, one you thought was long lost."​​​​ 1x Knotted Shield Schema
"You slowly enter the old structure in the centre of the town. It stands grander than the rest, and you can only wager that this was once the town hall for this lonely village. The building is mostly well kept, which is strange considering the condition of the rest of the town. As you enter, you hear a foreboding howl in the distance. A shiver runs down your spine as you try your best to ignore it. You come into the central room of the building, it's lined with wooden chairs, and central to the room is a lectern. Suddenly, a sense of overwhelming dread befalls you as some ethereal force comes descending upon you." Furcash
[The Market] Rewards
"As you wander down the streets of what was likely the old marketplace, you find it desolate, derelict, and.. dreadful. In the distance, you spy a dark figure, grinning - you blink for a moment, and it's gone. You exhale softly, and search the stalls for anything that might be of use. You find a few coins scattered about, which you gather up before heading." Furcash

The Lookout​​​​​​

[The Lookout​​​​​​] Rewards
"You make your way up a winding path to what appears to be some sort of lookout. You gaze out at a pale moon overlooking a large forest and several sprawling hills. Further still, you see a small cave on a distant coast... and some strange figure making their way towards it. An strange glow comes from a windmill in one of the hills. A distance away, a small house sits idle, with what looks to be.. birds, circling above. A mine, not far away from the house, seems to be strangely dark, compared to the rest of the sights. Nothing seems particularly strange about the well sitting atop a hill. In the woods, you spy a small hut with smoke coming from it. Further still, you see what you believe to be a small village... with another strange figure wandering about. Hm. It's all rather peculiar. You make your way home to process the sights, and plan your next trip."​​​​​​ Gain 10 Turns
"You quickly wander over to the quarry, but, due the darkness no doubt, you trip on what you think was a rock. IN the distance, you see a dark figure - completely still, but watching - and somehow you know that they saw you. You try to use expressions to show to them there was a stubborn rock, but they just gaze at you with glowing red eyes, disapprovingly. You gather up what little confidence you have and head home."​​​​​​ Lose 5 Turns

The Lake

"You follow the path to a small lake deep within the woods. It's strange, no rivers connect to it. You walk up to the water's edge, and gaze at your reflection for a time. The water's surface is tranquil and motionless, the woods are silent, and not even a slight gust of wind offers comfort to the eerie atmosphere. You wait a time, expecting something to happen - a rustle from the wind, an animal in the wilds, but nothing... you look across the lake, and see a small, red glowing light. It's flickering. You figure it's worth investigating, but whatever it is, its presence seems to be fleeting. Do you wish to swim across the lake, walk around it, or ignore it?"

[Swim​​​​​​] Rewards
"You quickly dash into the waters to pursue the distant glow. The water is dark, unusually so, and, unsurprisingly, cold. What you thought would be a short swim begins to take longer than you anticipate, as if something was forcing you back - then your heart sinks as you realise it's not pushing you back, it's pulling you down! Suddenly, you're gasping for air - your consciousness begins to fade and soon, you awaken to find yourself back at home."​​​​​ Lose All Turns
"You quickly dive into the water. It's strangely warm and comforting, making the swim across a trivial matter. You arrive safely on the other side of the lake, and dash into the woods towards the fading glow. To your surprise, a contain of molten waste lies idle in the woods. With no one about, you pick it up to take home." 1x Molten Waste
[Walk​​​​​​] Rewards
"You gather your wits, and wander around the edge of the lake, avoiding the water. The trip takes a bit longer than you anticipate, and when you finally arrive, the strange glow has all but vanished. As you gaze into the woods, all you can see is trees and darkness. With a hefty sigh, you decide it's time to head back home." Lose All Turns
[Ignore] Rewards
"" Nothing

Old Forest V.2

"You find yourself wandering past the old forest near town. This time, you think you can muster up the courage to explore it. Do you wish to continue?"

[No] [Yes]

"You wander into the woods. As you progress, the trees become less dense, and eventually you find yourself at some grassy hills. The night sky hosts an ominous moon, illuminating several points of interest. Which do you wish to explore?"

​​​​​​Old House

"You wander over to the old house lying idle on one of the furthest hills. The house is small in size, but you wonder what sort of things await you inside. As your approach, you spy a murder of crows watching your movements with unusual vigilance. One makes a loud squawk, breaking the eerie silence as you come to the house's door. The night sky darkens as you near the door, but you faintly manage to see a second way in by the way of a shattered window. By which method will you enter?"

[The Door] Rewards
"You near the door as the the crows begin to squawk loudly. Hastily, you attempt to open the door.. the lock is old and shoddy, but you may be able to force the door open with a bit of tinkering. You begin to work on the lock, as the crows grow louder. You try to pick up the pace, but panic only complicates the procedure. Suddenly, the crows begin to descend upon you." Lose All Turns
[The Window] Rewards
"You safely manage to climb through the window. As you survey the room, seeing nothing but remnants of what might have once been a warm abode in the hills. During your search you notice a small scarf, dangling gently on some old rubble. Carefully, you pick it out of the pile; perhaps it once served someone, a memento of the past - whatever the case, it’s yours to treasure now." 1x Eerie Toothy Scarf

Alternate results

[The Door] [The Window]

"As you shuffle around to the window, trying to avoid the gaze of the crows, remnants of broken glass still remain that you did not notice from afar. Do you wish to proceed anyway?"

[Yes] Rewards
"You carefully try to remove the glass from the window, as a piece falls and shatters on the ground. Suddenly, the crows descend upon you as everything fades to darkness." Lose All Turns
[No] Rewards
"" Nothing

Desolate Windmill​​​​

[Desolate Windmill​​​​] Rewards
"As you wander towards the windmill, you realise that it seems to be getting further and further away from you. What you imagined would be a short trek instead takes what seems to be hours. When you finally arrive, you find the windmill incredibly mundane. It's certainly in a state of disrepair, but a little work here and there and it'd be functional again. Alas, you're an explorer, not a carpenter. It's time to head home." Lose All Turns

The Far Cove

"As you travel over the hills towards the far cove, a thick fog begins to surround you. A small light in the distance beckons you forward, and you see your way safely to the top of the cliffs overlooking the cove below you."

[Proceed] Rewards
"You attempt to proceed down a path leading towards the shore, as you hear the waves crash harshly upon the shore. A strong gust of wind attempts to ward you off, perhaps serving as a reminder that some places best remain unexplored. In an act of defiance, you press onward towards the shore as another gust of wind, much stronger this time, tries to force you back to the safety of the hills. Arrogantly, you ignore the warning once more as you fight the wind, determined to find whatever rests upon the cove below. A third, and final, gust of wind sends you off the trail and towards the waters below. Just before you hit the water's icy surface, you awake suddenly at home." Furcash
[Cave] Rewards
"" ???
[Exit] Rewards
"You make your way out of the cave, and are met by a wondrous sight; a moonlit den, deep within the cave. A cool breeze gently fills the air, and a small waterfall lends water to the save from the cliffs above. The area, while beautiful, doesn't seem to hold any items of interest. Just as you ready yourself to leave for a long trip home, you see a small feather lying idle on the ground, which you collect before leaving." 1x Azure Feather​​​​​​

Alternate results

[The Far Cove] Rewards
"As you proceed towards the cove, a dense fog clouds your vision. Inevitably, you find yourself lost. When the fog eventually parts, you find yourself exhausted. You gather what energy you have left, and head back home." Lose All Turns

"As you travel over the hills towards the far cove, a thick fog begins to surround you. A small light in the distance beckons you forward, and you see your way safely to the top of the cliffs overlooking the cove below you."

[Proceed] [Cave] [Exit]

[Proceed] Rewards

"You continue onward, finding a path that leads down to the cove, where the waves gently crash upon the forgotten shore under a pale moonlight.​​​​​​"


"The bright moonlight guides you down the shore as waves continue to breach the sands. The cove eventually leads to another towering cliff, much like the one you descended earlier. At the base, however, is the entrance to a small dark cave."


"The cave is dark, damp, and desolate, much like the rest of the cove. You hear running water in all directions, and beyond that, all you see is darkness. You attempt to find your way through the cave, but to no avail; you constantly find yourself at the entrance to the cave, as if some unseen force was misdirecting you. Frustrated, you turn to leave and make the tedious trip back home."

Lose All Turns

Bountiful Fields

[Bountiful Fields] Rewards

"As you travel through the hills to this strangely lively field, you notice a gentle breeze guiding you forward. When you arrive, you spot several useful plants - not all of which you'd expect to find here, which you snatch up to take home."

1x Pea Algae, 1x Flying Red Tip, 1x Frozen Fern

Abandoned Mine

"You quickly wander over to the abandoned mine, not too far from where you first arrived at the hills. As you approach, you notice a sign above the entrance to the mine that warns off explorers. Nearby, you notice the quarry, which you could explore instead."

[The Quarry] Rewards

"'Wisely, you decide to stray away from the mine and head over to the quarry to see if you can find anything of use. You quickly notice a few old pine slabs that could probably be put to better use back at home, so you collect them. There's definitely more slabs you could put to use, but you think it'd take some time to gather them up. Alternatively, you could see if anything useful is in the old worker's shed."

Haunted Pine Wood Slab

[The Quarry][The Mines, Entrance]

[Gather Slabs] Rewards

"'You quickly get to work gathering up slabs as an ominous darkness begins to settle in. At first you believe that it's just the moon dashing behind clouds in the sky, but the darkness continues to thicken. Eventually, you can see nothing. You try desperately for something to cling on to, something to gather your bearings, but you find nothing. As panic sets in, you close your eyes tightly and open them to find yourself safely back at home."

Lose All Turns
[Worker's Shed] Rewards



[The Quarry][The Mines, Entrance]

[The Right] Rewards

"As you walk down the passage for what seems like hours, you find yourself becoming strangely motivated and energised. Your attention to detail increases, as you spy several golden coins scattering the passage. Eventually, you find yourself at what seems to be a secret entrance back to the village."

Furcash, Gain Max Turns
[The Left] Rewards



The Well

[The Well] Rewards

"You walk over to the old well, and surprisingly, there's a small pail of fresh water, as if someone had drawn and left it there for you. You drink it up, and it sure is refreshing! Unfortunately, there's not much else to do here, so you decide to head back home."

Gain 5 Turns
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