The Glittering Cave is an Explorer Event can occur randomly while a Villager is exploring, it's not limited to a specific Village. This is one of the more common explorer events, always favorable as one of its paths gives five extra turns.

"You come across a deep cave. Inside, something is glittering. Do you want to explore it?"

[Explore the Cave] [Let's not explore this one]

Left or Right?

"As you step into the cave, the rock glitters around you. The deeper in the cave you move, the less light reaches you, but the glassy surface around you reflects the light well enough that you can see two pathways up ahead. Which way would you like to go? Left or right?"


"After a brief moment of thinking, you decide to head left. As you wander down the tunnel, the ceiling seems to be getting closer and closer. Eventually, you have to crouch down and traverse the cavern on your knees. It's painful, but you continue forward, because you can see something extra shiny up ahead."

[Reach for the shiny object] Rewards
"You finally reach the shiny object ahead of you. It appears to be a small pile of coins - awesome!" Furcoins
"As you reach for the extra shiny object ahead, you realise it's stuck between some stones. You pull at the rocks until you're able to uncover the object within. It looks like a gemstone, but when you shake it, liquid sloshes inside."​​​​ 1x Gemraptor Morphing Potion


"You decide to head right. As you continue down the pathway, you swear you hear running water. Your thirst is nagging at you, so you decide to continue forward. Maybe you can fill a canteen at the source... after about five minutes of walking, you come upon an underground lake. Yes!​​​​​"

[Drink at the lake] Rewards
"You drink at the lake, but as you do, you notice something sparkling in the center of it. Some swimming and splashing later, you've brought up a large gemstone. When you shake it, you swear you hear liquid sloshing inside." 1x Gemraptor Morphing Potion
"You sit down beside the lake and drink. By the time you've had your fill, you feel totally energized. Excellent! You're ready to take on the world."​​​​ Gain 5 Turns
[Search for treasure] Rewards
"You decide to look around the lake for some treasure. Hidden behind a pile of rocks, you find a couple coins. Well, it's better than nothing!" Furcoins
"You investigate around the lake, hoping someone might have camped there in the past and left some goodies. After a while of searching, you find some wood. There are some nails in it, but it’s still useable. Cool!"​​​​ Random Wood Slabs
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