Enchanted To Be Awesome Signet Ring Blueprint can be used to teach Crafters how to craft an Enchanted To Be Awesome Signet Ring.


  • x25 Cryo Waste
  • x25 Aurora Ice Chunk
  • x25 Aqua Magical Gills
  • x50000 Rusted Steel
  • x150 Underwater Skull
  • x25 Galactic Slime
  • x25 Molten Waste
  • x25 Ebony Ice Chunk
  • x25 Gilded Magical Gillsx
  • 25 Crystallized Tooth
  • x150 Cloud Skull
  • x25 Dark Crystallized Tooth
  • x25 Oceanic Emerald
  • x10000 Steel
  • x25 Toxic Candycorn
  • x25 Silver Wrist Hook
  • x150 Skull
  • x25 Dark Steel
  • x25 Oceanic Ruby
  • x500 Gold Anvil
  • x25 Bright Sky Dragon Scales
  • x50 Shadow Slime
  • x151 Poison Skull
  • x25 Golden Wrist Hook
  • x25 Titanium Lump
  • x1000 Silver Anvil
  • x25 Shining Sun Dragon Scales
  • x149 Icy Skul
  • lx25 Anodized Aluminum Lump
  • x25 Light Mythic Tablet
  • x25 Dark Mythic Tablet
  • x25 Ashen Meteorite
  • x25 Topaz Feather
  • x10000 Chocolate Candycorn
  • x25 Ember Meteorite
  • x25 Azure Feather
  • Furcoins 10,000,000

It takes 667 minutes to create an Enchanted To Be Awesome Signet Ring.

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