The smell of incense swirled heavily through the air as a pair of glowing amber eyes peered over a cobweb-covered pile of parchment scrolls. The dragon softly stepped forward and let out a crow-like ?caw? as they gestured to a nearby sign. It read: "Welcome to Eerie Objects, the crafting shop! I am Reaper, the store owner... please allow me to assist you with all of your crafting needs."
Eerie Objects is a shop located in the Dragonsmaw Manor Town Hall that supplies Crafters with blueprints. It is manned by a Dragon named Reaper.

Shop Stock

Item Cost
Haunted Sewing Kit Furcoins 100
Tail Mouth Blueprint Furcoins 100
Reaper Scythe Blueprint Furcoins 100
Were Tail Blueprint Furcoins 100
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