Earthen Glaive is a Weapon that has a chance to drop in the Medium, Difficult and Very Difficult Tournament Grounds. Sonata has the highest chance of dropping this glaive.

It's recommended to equip a Flowering Hammer with this glaive as it will immediately cleanse the stun, allowing you to attack every turn.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 10
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Ability (Spell): Earthen Strike
    Strike your opponent, dealing increased physical damage but stunning the wielder for 2 rounds. This counts as a spell and cannot be dodged.
    • 810 Physical Damage
      • +40% to Light
      • +20% to Medium
  • Stats
Agility 0
Strength 0
Speed 0
Intelligence 0
Endurance +10
  • Defenses
Fire Resistance 0
Frost Resistance 0
Lightning Resistance 0
Dark Resistance 0
Water Resistance 0
Air Resistance 0
Mitigation +100
  • Sockets: 0-2


  • The Earthen Glaive's damage comes from a status effect, which means it can't be increased with higher potency. Life-steal will also not work with this damage as it only works with direct damage.
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