The Dutch Angel Dragon is one of the brewable species in Furvilla. An Alchemist can craft a Dutch AD Morphing Potion using ingredients from Quetzal Palace. Its colors reflect those of domesticated horses.
Blue Roan

There are 3 currently known colors of the Dutch Angel Dragon.

Magic Plush Colors

A plush color can be applied by using the appropriate Magic Plush on a villager.

Dutch Angel Dragons can use all 15 costumes, however, only the costumes below have artwork.

Not available as a color but usable for Painties.


The Dutch AD Morphing Potion requires these ingredients to brew:


  • Species information on Dutch Angel Dragons can be found here.
  • Dutch Angel Dragons were created by ino89777.
  • Dutch Angel Dragon design laws do not apply to Furvilla
  • They're sometimes abbreviated as DAD.