Durability is a mechanic used for Structures. Houses, Animal Stables, and Herbalist Pots each have a durability value based on the skill level of the Construction Worker who made them.


Durability Loss

While deployed to a villager, Houses and Animal Stables lose 1 durability each day. Herbalist Pots lose 1 durability from each harvest.

Houses are currently bugged and will stop losing durability at 1. This essentially means that you never have to repair houses because they currently will never break.

When Animal Stables degrade to 0 durability, you will not be able to breed, domesticate, feed, or collect animals to that stable until it is repaired. You still have the option to export, transfer, or release the contained animal.
Animals no longer run away once a stable reaches 0 durability.

If a herbalist pot reaches 0 durability it will be destroyed. You'll receive a warning beforehand, telling you that harvesting will break one of your pots.

How to Repair

To repair herbalist pots or animal stables, you'll need your construction worker as your active villager. Once they're active a repair option will appear under the drop menu when you click on the individual pots and stables in the career pages. Alternatively, you can remove them from your career page and repair them from your inventory.

To repair a house, make sure to make your construction worker your active villager. Afterwards go to your villager's profile page, a repair button will show up under their Villager Info.


If you'd rather not repair your structures yourself, visit the Maintenance Market and hire another player's villager to repair them. This method allows you to repair many structures in a short amount of time.

Durability Trophy

The Combat update dropped Durability from the Warrior career all together but left all the "old" equipment in the game, which is called Legacy equipment. Legacy items cannot be used in battle, but are considered rare items as they can no longer be obtained. They can be converted to their newer versions, an option you can find by clicking them in your inventory. A Legacy item having a durability above 1000% of its max durability and converting it will grant you the Durability Star trophy.


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