Dire Wolves is a Battleground event that includes many Wolf themed enemies. This is one of three, the others being Lone Wolves and Alpha Wolves. These wolves are medium difficulty when compared to the other two packs.

  • Your Warrior must be at least level 5 to participate in this battleground.
  • It consumes 2 Battle Charges.


Aureia, Forsaken Princess
Halloween wolf
It's just a title she gave to herself, though it seems to have stuck; it has no inherent meaning. Regardless, she's a powerful fighter, though she tends to be somewhat unpredictable.

Alva, Winter Warden
Fluffy Wolf
Alva protects the frozen wastes, far from the boarders of Tigerseye Peak. She relays messages to the pack, warning of coming threats.

Terl, Scourge of the Seas
A well-traveled pirate, or so he would claim, Terl is a viscous fighter - don't expect him to play fair.

Saul, Ancient Wanderer
Steampunk wolf
Saul has ventured throughout the land well beyond one would expect for his age - yet he always retains his longevity.

Caeo, The Enigma
Galaxy wolf
Caeo has enjoyed slaughtering helpless warriors, but has decided to take it easy for the rest of the week.

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