The sound of twinkling wind chimes perked the long velveteen ears of the fennec shopkeeper to a new customer's entrance. Excitedly she rushed over to greet them, careful not to spill the armful of glittering fabrics she had been previously arranging. "Oh hello there! Welcome to Deep Sea Designs. Please feel free to wander and give a little shout for 'Crema' if you need anything."

Deep Sea Design is the pattern shop of Oceandome, where Tailors are able to purchase fabric and patterns so that they might create any of the three Oceandome-exclusive Costumes. The shop is kept by Crema.

As with all site-run shops, you can haggle item prices down 5%. The result is rounded down, so Furcoins 75 can be haggled to Furcoins 71.

Shop Stock

Item Cost
Aquatic Pattern Book Furcoins 500
Diver Pattern Book Furcoins 500
Pirate Pattern Book Furcoins 500
Kelp Fabric Furcoins 100
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