Deadlier Monsters is highest level standard Battleground available to all villages.

  • Your Warrior must be at least level 20 to participate in this battleground.
  • It consumes 5 Battle Charges.


Weaker Enemies

  • Fearsome Molten Floe
  • Fearsome Fang Snail
  • Fearsome Roving Spindle
  • Fearsome Flame Demon
  • Fearsome Cloud Drifter
  • Fearsome Frozen Wanderer
  • Fearsome Thornpion

Notable Enemies

Fearsome Winged Tempest
These creatures are both deadly and fast!

Fearsome Ancient Pyre
This monster has roamed the land, leaving a burning trail of destruction behind it.

Fearsome Storm Dragon
An ancient creature with unrivaled power.

Fearsome Gulper
These deadly creatures once lived in the depths of the ocean, but have since left to find bigger prey.

Fearsome Forlorn Terror
These creatures roam the lands, dodging from shadow to shadow.
Until recently, they've been harmless, but as of late they've grown

Fearsome Wasteland Wielder
No one quite understands this monster; it is naturally aggressive, however.

Talois, The Eternal Knight
Were dragon
Envious of the infamous Lisaar, Talois dedicated himself to finding a competitive alternative to longevity - one that wouldn't require mastery over death. Unfortunately, what he found was far worse - by embracing the spirits of the dead, he could manifest life essence in the form of endurance; while he would age, it would be at a snail's pace. He never did possess the magical aptitude of Lisaar, but his dedication to immorality certainly rivals that of the famous Legend.

Lisaar, The Eternal Night
Reaper horse
Lisaar discovered necromancy at a young age, and quickly began to study the in workings of the dark magic. There was a lot to learn - and she quickly realised she would not master the art of necromancy in this life time, hence, she at least needed to figure out a way to extend her life beyond what was natural. She achieved this, but her new-found longevity drew ire from her friends, as they aged and passed on, she remained young - their minds decayed, while hers aspired forward, forever dodging death.

Fearsome Harbinger
Run Away. Run Away. Run Away.

Loot Table

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