Dark Signet Ring is a Ring that can be made by Crafters who have learned the Elemental Ring Blueprint, though it's not guaranteed as the recipe's result is random. This ring has no Endurance but grants a massive amount of Speed, making it perfect for glass cannon builds.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 9
  • Slot: Ring
  • Ability (Spell): Dark Signet Ring
    Deals increased dark damage to your opponent and leaves them poisoned, then applies an array of random debuffs on yourself! (1 Charge)
    • 400-600 Dark Damage
    • Inflicts the Poison Mist debuff on your opponent,
      which deals dark damage every turn. Lasts 3 Turns.
    • The following debuffs each have a 25% chance to
      inflict your Warrior: Sunder, Silenced, Disarm,
      Bleeding, Electrified, Chilled and Burning.
  • Stats
    • Strength +4
    • Speed +15
    • Intelligence +2
    • Dark Resistance +40
  • Sockets: 1
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