Crescent Moon Scythe is a Weapon that can be obtained during 2019's Serpent Festival. At higher levels, it's still used as a stat stick for Intelligence builds.

Combat Stats

  • Required Level: 12
  • Slot: Weapon
  • Ability (Spell): Luna Strike (2 Charges)
    Sends an ethereal ray of moonlight at your opponent from your scythe, dealing dark damage. They are then illuminated, reducing their dodge chance significantly for 3 rounds.
    • 400-500 Dark Damage
    • Inflicts the Moon Beam debuff on your opponent, which reduces their dodge chance by 50%.
      Lasts 3 Turns.
  • Hidden Ability:
    • If you previously struck your opponent with a
      Deadly Rays Meteor Hammer, also inflict The Dark Sun
      debuff on your opponent, which lowers their Strength
      and Intelligence by 2 and deals 200 pure damage to
      them every turn. Lasts 5 Turns.
  • Stats
Agility +1
Strength 0
Speed 0
Intelligence +4
Endurance +4
  • Defenses
Fire Resistance 0
Frost Resistance 0
Lightning Resistance 0
Dark Resistance +200
Water Resistance 0
Air Resistance 0
Mitigation 0
  • Sockets: 0
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