"Mroww?" In the shadowy rafters of the stuffy old shop, bright green and golden eyes glowed down, watching the customers enter. An impossibly fluffy body jumped down and perched on the messy counter. Herbs, bottles, and potions littered the counter beside the feline. "You must be a customer? Here at Creepy Cures, I craft health potions and books filled with any recipe you could desire. Name's Salem. Have a look around."
Creepy Cures is a shop located in the Dragonsmaw Manor Town Hall that supplies Doctors with cure recipes. It is manned by a Cat named Salem. Once a day players may have an Illness removed from their active Villager.

As with all site-run shops, you can haggle item prices down 5%. The result is rounded down, so Furcoins 75 can be haggled to Furcoins 71.

Additional Services

Creepy Cures is temporarily offering one free doctor's appointment per day. This will remove an illness from your active villager.

Shop Stock

Item Cost
Lunar Salve Recipe Furcoins 100
Plasma Drink Recipe Furcoins 100
Silver Concoction Recipe Furcoins 100
Spider Eye Solution Recipe Furcoins 100
Sun Salve Recipe Furcoins 100
Claw Container Furcoins 50
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