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"The little bell above the door jingles as you enter the shop and seconds later the flour dusted face of a fox pops up from behind the counter. He smiles and gives a friendly wave, “Hey, I’m Kieran, welcome to the Cozy Cookery! Your one stop shop for all your chef-ing needs. How can I help you toda.. achoo!” He smiles sheepishly as he brushes flour off his snout, “Sorry about that.. Feel free to look around, I’ll be right there in the back so just shout if you need anything.” The happy little fox bounces off and leaves you to browse in his store full of goodies."
The Cozy Cookery is a shop that is accessible to all Villages that supplies Cooks with ingredients and recipes. It is manned by a fox named Kieran.

This shop was added on March 11, 2017, along with The Feast, the cooking career, and the Food Drive. This is the first shop that you can buy items with village tokens.

Unlike all site-run shops, you can't haggle item prices down.

Shop Stock

Item Cost
Baker's Bundle Furcoins 250
Butcher's Block Bundle Furcoins 250
Dairy Aisle Bundle Furcoins 250
Fresh Produce Bundle Furcoins 250
Silver Paw Platter Furcoins 250
Recipe (FC)
Item Cost
Pretty Poodle's Soup of Noodles Recipe Card Furcoins 1000
Kibble Cakes Recipe Card Furcoins 1500
Herbalist Meledy Salad Recipe Card Furcoins 1500
Cosette's Floral Tea Recipe Card Furcoins 2000
Floral Delight Recipe Card Furcoins 1500
Priest's Death by Mocha Recipe Card Furcoins 2000
Rotsury's Savory Monster Recipe Card Furcoins 2000
Pawpurroni Pizza Recipe Card Furcoins 3000
Mustache Munchies Recipe Card Furcoins 1500
Tiger's Eye Dew Recipe Card Furcoins 1500
Foxitos Recipe Card Furcoins 1500
Stuffed Cow Bell Peppers Recipe Card Furcoins 2000
Slime Slushie Recipe Card Furcoins 13
Spaghetti and Eyeballs Recipe Card Furcoins 13
Strawberry Funnel Cake Recipe Card Furcoins 13
Gelatin Not-So-Gray Matter Dessert Recipe Card Furcoins 13
Spooky Sundae Recipe Card Furcoins 13
Recipes (Tokens/Coins)
Item Cost
Torn Cheese Steak Sandwich Recipe Card TTx3
Terrormisu Recipe Card TTx5
Cuttle Burger and Coral Fries Recipe Card SDx3
Salted Caramel Trove Recipe Card SDx5
Squeakherd's Pie Recipe Card SCX3
Handcrafted Cheese Cake Recipe Card SCx5
Phoenix Fire Hot Wings Recipe Card SKCx3
Larkspur Roasted Wyvern Recipe Card SKCx4
Fluttering Fluff Puff Recipe Card SKCx5
Mammoth Roast Feast Recipe Card FTx3
Baked Furlaska Recipe Card FTx5
Pine Nut Pot Pie Recipe Card PPCx5
Meatballs and Spaghetti Recipe Card PPCx3

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