Combat Pets, also known as battle buddies, are companions that fight by your Warrior's side. Like normal equipment, each one takes up one equipment slot. Most combat pets passively assist in battle, boosting their Warrior through buffs and/or weakening the enemy through debuffs. Many of them can even passively damage your opponent. It's not recommended to have multiples of the same combat pet on one warrior as their status effects do not stack.

List of all combat pets

Image Name Slot
3532-timber-wolf Timber Wolf Weapon 18
3533-electric-eel Electric Eel Weapon 0
3534-incredibly-deadly-serpent Incredibly Deadly Serpent Weapon 0
3535-trained-falcon Trained Falcon Weapon 0
3536-armored-alicorn Armored Alicorn Weapon 0
3652-viking-fox-battle-buddy Viking Fox Battle Buddy Weapon 10
3653-pirate-fox-battle-buddy Pirate Fox Battle Buddy Weapon 10
3848-vampire-bat-battle-buddy Vampire Bat Battle Buddy Weapon 5
3971-rusty-battle-moo Rusty Battle Moo Weapon 0
3972-steel-battle-moo Steel Battle Moo Weapon 5
3973-dark-battle-moo Dark Battle Moo Weapon 10
3974-amethystine-battle-moo Amethystine Battle Moo Weapon 15
3954-ralph Ralph Weapon 0
4009-faithful-fossil Faithful Fossil Weapon 5
4018-galaxy-phoenix Galaxy Phoenix Weapon 10
4034-saryumane-the-protector Saryumane the Protector Weapon 10
4150-barn-owl-battle-buddy Barn Owl Battle Buddy Utility 7
3753-legendary-chubby-bunny Legendary Chubby Bunny Weapon 20
4092-sydney-the-thylacine Sydney the Thylacine Weapon 8
4282-a-scholarly-familiar A Scholarly Familiar Weapon 10
4306-seen-vintgrashe Seen Vintgrashe Weapon 10
4307-crowned-vintgrashe Crowned Vintgrashe Weapon 10
4565-a-stray-chow-chow A Stray Chow Chow Shield 10
4633-jade-kitsune Jade Kitsune Weapon 10
4634-valis-kitsune Vali's Kitsune Weapon 10
4635-discourse-kitsune Discourse Kitsune Weapon 10
4636-aerons-fiery-kitsune Aeron's Fiery Kitsune Weapon 10
4905-carverantula Carverantula Weapon 0
5015-menacing-moth Menacing Moth Weapon 10
5017-hatopus Hatopus Utility 10
5019-savage-sea-bunny Savage Sea Bunny Weapon 10
4900-monocle-wearing-raven Monocle-Wearing Raven Weapon 10
4901-impish-lion Impish Lion Weapon 10
4902-fire-blooded-dragon Fire Blooded Dragon Weapon 10
4903-northern-wolf Northern Wolf Weapon 10

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