Careers are jobs that you can choose for your villagers, each with a different set of skills and goals. Most careers rely on each other, so it is helpful for each player have villagers of multiple careers.

Career Changes

You can change your villager's career by using the 'Change Career' button located on the villager's current career page. Once you change your villager's career, they cannot change it again until the next even-numbered hour, as measured by server time. That is to say, if you change your villager's career at 1:34pm, you can't change it again until 2:00pm.[1]

Note that when you change your villager's career, they do not lose any of the skill, experience, or items they had in their old career. The information is stored, and should you switch back to their first career, will be retrieved and you can pick up with that career where you left off.

However, a villager can only learn up to four careers. If you don't want this information to be stored, you can erase it by going to the 'Change Career' page again and selecting the 'Unlearn' option next to their old career.

Types of Careers

Image Career Difficulty Level Description
Job-explorer Explorer Newbie You’ll explore the area around your village looking for raw materials for other classes to use. You can sell them to other villagers.
Job-breeder Animal Husbandry ★ Basic You will domesticate small or medium sized wild animals. You can then breed them and sell them as pets.
Job-warrior Warrior ★ Basic You’ll be able to protect the village borders from large, dangerous wild animals, ensuring the productivity of other classes. You can sell off what you can salvage from carcasses
Job-carpenter Construction Worker ★★ Intermediate You’ll use wood to build additional residences for furries. Other furries can’t expand their families without your help
Job-crafter Crafter ★★ Intermediate You will take the raw materials that explorers find and craft them into useable materials, like fabrics and jewelry.
Job-herbalist Herbalist ★★ Intermediate Using the seeds collected by explorers, you can grow and experiment with potent plants used by doctors and alchemists.
Job-alchemist Alchemist ★★★ Artisan With special botanist-grown plants, you’ll be able to create potions that can change a villager’s species and other attributes
Job-blacksmith Blacksmith ★★★ Artisan Using raw materials, you’ll be able to create weapons and armor for warriors to protect them in their battles.
Job-doctor Doctor ★★★ Artisan Sometimes furries get sick! Your expertise will help them get better and help them keep up productivity in their careers.
Job-tailor Tailor ★★★ Artisan You’ll be able to take the items that crafters make and create certain types of costumes for other villagers to wear.
Job-cook Cook ★★★ Artisan Cooking can be fun whether you’re an expert or a novice. Show off your skills to your friends and family and send them home with a full belly and a smile on their face!


  • Originally a villager could only change their career once per day. This was changed July 5th, 2016, which allowed a villager the opportunity to change their career once every even hour.

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