Canines are one of the default species available upon villager creation. This species contains both wolves and domestic dogs of all types and lineart variations to accomadate for them.

Canines currently have 30 different colors. The first three can be used upon villager creation, but the rest require a Canine Morphing Potion to be applied.

Magic Plush Colors

A plush color can be applied by using the appropriate Magic Plush on a villager.

Magic Sticker Colors

A sticker color can be applied by using the appropriate Magic Sticker on a villager.

The canine can use all 15 costumes.


  • The canine was one of the four original species planned for the release of Furvilla, along with the cat, the dragon, and the fox. The rabbit and horse were not added until later in development.
  • The original design for the canine's default model featured a confident expression with slightly lowered eyelids and protruding canine teeth. This design also had longer, styled fur, a smaller waist, and longer legs. The sketch was later changed for the purpose of "leaving room for the player to develop their villager's character". The new sketch, which is the basis for the wolf's default model today, gave the wolf bigger, more benign eyes and shorter, slightly scruffier fur. It also thickened the wolf's waist and shortened its legs, giving it a stockier appearance. The confident position of the arms remained from the original sketch. [1]
  • On July 27 2016, the African Wild Dog was redrawn because the grey base for it went missing. It now has a rounder, more spotted appearance. The older version can be found here.
  • On November 15 2016, the Wolf villager was renamed to Canine.
  • On December 28 2016, the Corgi, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Poodle and Pug were added.
  • On January 12 2017, the Australian Sheperd, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Great Dane, Jack Russel, Pitbull, Rottweiler, Shetland Sheepdog, Shiba Inu and Spaniel were added.

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